Congress WFLD 2019 in Parma

 7th Congress of WFLD-ED

Dear Colleagues, dear Friends,

After the very successful Rome-2011 meeting, we have the pleasure to host a second World Federation for Laser Dentistry congress. On behalf of the organizing committee of the 7th Congress of WFLD-ED, I am very honoured to welcome you in the historical city of Parma.

The scientific program will cover all aspects related to the use of laser in dental practice: topics such as the physical basis of light, human tissue fluorescence and laser beam production will always be treated in order to provide an exahustive clinical perspective in oral surgery, oral oncology, restorative dentistry and endodontics, periodontology and implantology, pedodontics, regenerative medicine and aesthetic.

A panel of well-recognized international laser experts from over twenty universities will share their knowledge within a unique setting. Young members of our community will have the opportunity to highlight their clinical and research activities in two days of oral presentations. Parallel sections of workshops organized by leading industries in the field of laser will put in contact dental practitioners and cutting-edge technologies.

An appropriate use of laser cannot be separated from a rigorous scientific training: ten years after the first Promotion Ceremony with the delivery of European Diplomas, we decided to organize the first Meeting of the IAE: International Academy of EMDOLA (European Master Degree in Oral Laser Applications). Graduated, students and teachers will share their scientific and clinical experience with the audience.

The Congress Venue is the beautiful historical palace of the University of Parma. Our University is one of the oldest in the world as its foundation dates back to the ninth century.
The title of the 7th Congress of WFLD-ED is The sound of Light. Yes, “the sound” because Parma is famous worldwide for music and musicians (Giuseppe Verdi, Arturo Toscanini, among others). I also strongly encourage you to experience the sound of taste of Italian and Parmesan food, the sound of Art within the forty museums and the sound of friendship of our warm city!
In accordance to the WFLD traditions, the Gala Dinner will be an “enlightening surprise” in one of the most charming environment of the North of Italy: a wonderful castle in the hills around Parma.
I hope (I am sure!) that the 7th Congress of WFLD-ED could represent a big opportuninity to meet old friends and many new colleagues from all over the world through sharing the same passion for scientific and clinical applications of the laser.

You will appreciate our small and beautiful town, its strong historical background as well as its modern and vital present, in a pretty unique friendly surrounding.

Prof. Paolo VESCOVI, D.D.S., Ph.D.
Chairman of the 7th Congress of WFLD-ED


20 cze 2019 - 22 cze 2019
Cały dzień
Parma, Italy