About us

PTSL (from Polish “Polskie Towarzystwo Stomatologii Laserowej” – Polish Society for Laser Dentistry) is an organization gathering people whose subject or activity or interest is laser dentistry.


PTSL mission:

  • Popularization of knowledge about laser dentistry in society, in particular in the environment of dentists, hygienists and dental students.
  • Participation in professional development of dentists in the field of laser dentistry.
  • Organization and support of research and scientific works in the field of laser dentistry as well as cooperation in this area with other institutions and associations.
  • Conducting and supporting of various forms of training and education activities for the benefit of representatives of the dental environment and related environments, for expansion of knowledge and practical skills in the field of laser dentistry.
  • Representation of Polish laser dentistry in the country and abroad.


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The board

Kinga Grzech-Leśniak
President of PTSL
Professor of Physics at the Pedagogical University of Cracow
Bartłomiej Pokrzywka
Vice president of PTSL
Jacek Matys
Treasurer of PTSL
Swietłana Kozaczuk
Secretary of PTSL
Magdalena Ruta
Office Director
Dental Hygienist
Danuta Rozmarynowska
Audit committee

  The idea of establishing PTSL was born in Paris in 2014 at the International Congress of the World Federation For Laser Dentistry (WFLD), where Kinga Grzech-Leśniak, DDS, PhD officially became the Polish representative of this organization. In this way, Poland joined the world’s largest organization of this type, which brings together almost 50 countries from around the world. The first natural step was the creation of a Polish society, which integrates specialists from various fields of dentistry, practitioners whose work can be coordinated by the Scientific Council. The organizational meeting was held in August 2014, and at the end of October after all formalities, PTSL was officially registered.     At the moment, PTSL has about 200 active members. The Scientific Council includes a group of prominent professors of medical and technical universities from all over Poland. Laser therapy courses for dentists and dental hygienists are conducted under the guidance of PTSL. Some of them take place during renowned national dental events, such as the CEDE Dental Fair in Poznan or Krakdent in Krakow, and separately in training centers. We already have 2 Congresses of Laser Dentistry, 3 Perio-Orto-Implants-Laser Symposium and a series of Laser Study Club meetings in Poland.